1. Drink More Tea

Black and Green Tea have a combination of an amino acid called L-theanine and caffeine that stimulate the brain and give us a shot of energy without causing that nervous, jittery feeling that coffee often gives. L-theanine also helps produce dopamine and serotonin which give us that feel-good feeling.


2. Exercise

You’re probably already on number 3, because we have all heard this one before. But remember, even if we don’t feel the need to lose weight or get fit, exercise still makes us happier. When you exercise, you feel better. I could link to 417 different resources on this subject, but you can just take my word for it. And you’re already onto number 3, so you won’t read them anyway. 😉


break a sweat

3. Surround Yourself with Happy People

Have you ever heard that you are the sum of the 4 people you hang out with most? When you have the option (like outside of working next to Dwight Schrute from 9am-5pm), choose people who see the good in others and in life. They will help you to also have a better and more positive outlook.

“I never smile if I can help it. Showing one’s teeth is a submission signal in primates. When someone smiles at me, all I see is a chimpanzee begging for it’s life.” – Dwight



4. Take Time to Self-Reflect

Quiet time is everything. Autumn Calabrese and yoga just go together for me, because I love/require peaceful workouts full of stretching. If you think yoga is about as exciting as watching the grass grow, I’d love to hear what works for you! Maybe it’s your devotional in the morning or your drive time in the car. Something about even a short dose of relaxation let’s your mind think clearly and process those ideas. Self-reflection gives us time to sort out all the life that happens.


5. Adopt a “Bounce Back” Mentality

In other words, when you fall down, get back up. Negative thinking leads to belief in your inabilities. Take a minute, let yourself feel the bad, then bounce back. Never setup house and live there. Positive thinking trains the brain to follow that lead.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” Japanese Proverb


6. Take Time to be Selfish

I’m a full-time mom who’s screaming underwater half the time. My selfish looks more like choosing to shower before making everyone breakfast with an occasional pedicure, massage or craft thrown into my day. I also enjoy writing, so you’re currently reading how selfishness manifests itself there. 🙂 Mom or not, chasing a passion that brings happiness doesn’t always translate into dollars. Specifically, enough dollars to evoke some level of comfort. This is why people often answer the what-do-you-do question with, “Well, I’m a receptionist, but I love to write” or “I’m a waitress, but I love acting.” If your reality comes up just a little short of “loving” what you do, find that passion and never stop pursuing it, even if super part-time. Fulfillment translates to happiness.

time for yourself

7. Spend Less Time on Social Media

If you’re alive in 2016, social media is a must for marketing any business. It can also be a great means of keeping in touch with people you care about. That being said..

..sometimes we just need to get off it.

It can easily lead to distraction and more importantly, it’s not really living. It’s our lives the way we wish they truly looked and nothing more than a highlight reel.. a distortion of reality. Remember that. Take some time to unplug and focus on the world in front of you, not the world as it exists on a screen.


8. Rid Yourself of Clutter

Clutter actually affects our mood and our self-esteem, so less is more! Purge some belongings, make your bed, organize/pickup a room or clean out your car. You’ll feel a weight off for no tangible reason. Simple.


9. Don’t Overanalyze Things

Don’t get overly caught up in number 4. Don’t waste your energy on the past. Life is meant to be explored, not used to beat ourselves over the face with. Mistakes allow us to learn and grow and then… move on. And if life has taught me one thing, it’s to give people the benefit of the doubt. Phyllis is not a snob, she just has a resting bitch face. (I don’t know anyone named Phyllis). 😉



10. Get Enough Sleep

There is actually a study that shows that sleep deprivation affects the amygdala less than it affects the hippocampus, meaning that people who get less sleep are able to have no problems remembering sad memories, but have a tough time recalling happy memories. Also, by the time you hit your 30’s, your no-sleep starts to show. Get a full 8 hours of rest. You’ll be sharper and more productive.