The first thing you need to know about this sale is that it ends today!! I wokeup at 8am and realized today is the last day! So jump on it while it lasts. We’re going to shop all things Women, but this sale also includes:  Men | Kids | Home

If you’ve read anything on this blog at all, you know I really enjoy two things: grilled cheese + a good sale. In the interest of the latter, I may or may not have spent the morning browsing infinite pages of goodness and my eyes may or may not be burning as a result. So, grab your sandwich and shop along.

I cannot emphasize enough how many cute shoes there are this time around. These Nordstrom buyers really outdo themselves in the shoe department. I think retailers are transitioning primarily into winter boot season and eventually spring things, so if you need a good pair of booties, welcome to shoe heaven. These booties aren’t my typical style, but I’ve been eyeing them all season! I’m also loving these Nikes that look like the Free Runs, but they’re only $67.90! Oh, and these Vince Camuto’s.. take my money, Nordstrom. Just take it.

In no particular order, here are some more favorite finds:



My favorite dress!


If you’re on the fence with anything, here’s a secret I have learned about Nord sales: Sometimes the price goes back up the next day, but sometimes it further drops. And sometimes things sell out completely! So snag what you want while it’s on sale today, then tomorrow check pricing on the items you purchased. If the price has further dropped, shoot Nordstrom a friendly email and they will refund the difference.

Love this company + these steals!




I had to sneak this quick post in because I just found out today… I did not win the lottery. Also, my favorite moto jacket is being re-stocked (for the last time) at 9am PST tomorrow morning!

If you don’t already have a staple black jacket – this is it! Super flattering, super soft and looks way more expensive than it is. This is why it keeps selling out! 

This is one of those jackets that gets compliments every time you wear it. It’s great texture (see #6) and it transforms any outfit into something special. Think of an outfit like a strawberry. This moto jacket dips that strawberry in chocolate. It’s always food with me.. Anyway, grab one before they’re gone tomorrow!! 

I’m 5′ 9″ and wearing a size medium.


Shop the Moto Babe Leather Jacket HERE.


2fore pictures


2fore pictures


2fore pictures

Set an alarm. You don’t want to miss this one!




Happy first day of FALL!

School is in session, we all survived the summer, and now (maybe just maybe) there’s a little time to catch up on you. Fall weather is some of my favorite and the fashion that follows the season is a little bit fun too. Let’s jump in and chat favorite things..

1. Primer + Foundation: First thing’s first! We all need a good “power couple.” A fresh looking face really does go a long way + you can do it quickly and on a budget. My 30 year old face isn’t near as low-maintenance as my 20 year old face was. This is where the primer comes in. I love Younique’s primer, it’s free of chemicals, and you can order yours here.

My favorite foundation keeps coming back to Urban Decay’s “Naked Skin.” Drop by any Sephora to be color matched. Fall weather brings pale skin, but at least we can sport that casper glow.


2fore pictures

Next up..

2. Knee High Boots: Invest in some of these so you can stop working out your legs all together! Your legs can look like Armageddon and these boots beautify the entire mess. Boots are so cold-weather appropriate, and knee highs can take you through fall, winter and spring. That’s why they’re worth the spend. I picked up these Lucky wedges during the Nordstrom sale and they’re easily one of my favorite purchases. Shorter girls, make sure you get a heel with some height so they don’t chop you off at the knees.


2fore pictures

No outfit is complete without..

3. Mix + Match Jewelry: It has always worked out that my favorite necklaces/earrings/you name it are silver and my favorite rings/bracelets/whatever else are gold. Shh, let the angels sing for a minute.. No more! Silver, gold and other neutral jewelry can finally play together. These pretty pieces all came from Stella & Dot. Gold and silver are peanut butter and jelly this season and you can mix it up to your heart’s content.


PC: Kia Hanson

We’re already half done..

4. Bold Lips: I’ve tried many brands and many shades and I just keep coming back to MAC. Next time you’re near the cosmetics at Nordstrom or strolling past the MAC Store, wander in and have them match you to a bold shade that works well on specifically your skin tone, hair color and eye color. I walked out with this color, tailored to me, and my favorite thing about it is that’s it not for everyone. That’s the fun. And it’s called, “Have Your Cake,” so there’s that..


2fore pictures

Next up..

5. Dry Shampoo + Effortless Curls: My new favorite dry shampoo find is from Costco! It’s inexpensive + comes in an extra tall can, because mom life means going many days between shampoos. We need the extra product for the extra grease.

Once you’re squeaky clean again, a curl wand is a must. It takes about 5 minutes to wrap large sections of hair around and gets hot enough to curl and then recurl/reshape as often as you need. My favorite has always been Sultra. Smaller sections of hair yield tighter curls and larger sections give loose curls.


Last, but not least..

6. Mixing Texture: Think beyond just patterns this season; Think texture. I never thought of myself as a leather-pant-wearing girl (and I’m still not sure how I feel about it now), but I’m illustrating a point, so stay with me.. Combining textures like lace, suede, leather, fringe, etc, adds visual interest to an outfit. Try it!

Side note: Shortly after this picture was taken I had to go pickup my son from preschool. In leather pants.


2fore pictures

Big shout out to Shawn for the majority of these images. &


Ok, now that we all know what’s up for FALL, you muuuuust go enter the giveaway for a shot at winning some of the things you just read about + even more cool swag.


Head here now to enter the giveaway!!



Don’t you love a good sale? Nordstrom is back at it, and this time it’s the Summer Clearance Sale. Don’t let the “summer” fool you! These things are cute now and most will take you right through the fall season. This sale goes through Sunday, 9/11, and items are up to 40% off! Are those singing angels just in my head or do you hear them too?


For no good reason at all, now that I’m in my third decade of life, shoes have become a whole new thing for me. Ages 0-29, I wore flip flops 24/7 and 365. My arches hated me, but I was a not-too-tall, happy camper. Now, I love all my basic staples in tops and bottoms and shoes are the cherry on my vanilla sundae. I’m 5’9″ going on 6′ and it’s worth every inch in a cute pair of booties.

Just for you, I’ve pulled together some amazing shoes and tied together some easy-breezy outfits. Don’t miss out on my absolute favorite dress. I almost own this thing in every color. It’s extremely flattering on and I’ve worn mine during everything from leaving the hospital with a new baby to weddings. You can also grab my favorite fringe crossbody bag and the most comfortable lace up wedges you will ever own.



So, without further adieu, grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and scroll..


Must-Have Outfits






I hope some of my favorites help inspire some ideas for you! Happy shopping.


momlife copy
“What beautiful children you have.”

How many times have we heard this from strangers in the grocery store? Often enough. BUT, probably not as much as we hear this one..

“Wow, you have your hands full.”

Thank you, I hadn’t noticed.


“Don’t worry, it gets better.”


“I remember those days. They pass quickly, so enjoy it.”

Ok, stranger. I see your advice and I raise you two screaming children smashing grapes I intended to purchase all over the floor while simultaneously knocking things off the shelf and pooping their pants.

In my sarcastic brain, this stranger is being told, “Thank you for your heartfelt life advice. Please hold a moment while I pull out my Precious Moments momento box and commemorative notepad so I can note and treasure this conversation.” In reality, I smile and then sprint to my car fast enough to qualify for some form of the olympics. There are some situations you just can’t leave fast enough.

The worst part of this whole thing is that I usually grocery shop in the morning. These people are seeing me before I’ve been dealing with screaming for a full 12 hours. I’m at the beginning of my hot anxiety sweat for the day and my hair isn’t sticking to my face and neck yet. I’m still relatively free of dirt and bodily fluids at this point. I still have some patience waiting inside my fast-paced heart. If I’m lucky, I’ve also probably had some type of food prior to this outing, like cold soup for breakfast.

For those who are nodding (or crying) while reading this, why don’t we all just stop leaving the house so we don’t have to encounter this madness? I hear Amazon employs drones now. Detergent and diapers can be at your doorstep without ever entering your messy car. As long as motherhood exists, we should all own stock in these drones. I’m going to stop talking about this now because there’s a chance you are reading this and experience none of these things and I just became a hot mess express in your clean and operative mind. Moving on.

As discussed in detail, I don’t always enjoy advice from strangers. But since we’re friends, here is the best advice nobody has ever given you: get your eyebrows done in permanent makeup. Yes, tattoo your eyebrows on. I just saved you 20 minutes you don’t have x 365 days in a row. That’s over 121 hours. You could’ve started a small business with that kind of time. Or at least made a badass scrapbook. Can you even phathom what the eyebrows of a woman who only has 10 consecutive seconds between ongoing screams that repeatedly require their attention would look like? Maybe even 10 seconds of quiet is a generous thought when handing out ongoing punishments to your bored and troublesome kids. And even if you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do, no makeup can outlast kids. You’re going to look like Uncle Leo.

I have a theory that sports and activities cannot create an artist, a genius or an athlete. I do think these things can enhance existing gifts. So, when you see on social media that my kids are in soccer, music, tap, ballet, hip hop, swimming, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, scuba and skydiving, it is not because I’m attempting to morph them into elite citizens. We’re just trying to get out of the house for somewhere other than the grocery store.

To all my mom’s out there, keep doing what you do. We’re all working to embrace this chapter and we’re all sweating our eyebrows off doing it.


“The more we embrace the constant change of life, the less we are knocked over by it.” Baron Baptiste