Is it just me or did June fly by?!

I think I say this every single month, but with the kids end-of-year activities and functions + the 12,000 things always on my to-do list, here we are.

June’s life highlights include attending my first modeling audition (didn’t get it, but I successfully drove myself there without barfing, so it’s a win), working as a social media consultant (yay for when passions pay off!) and for the second year in a row I found myself sitting next to Pete Carroll at my daughter’s dance performance. I’m not a big deal, I just sit by people who are.

Beyond these highlights in life, I have a few favorites in fashion too. I want to close out this month with items you need + will see a lot of this summer!








I have 2 things to say about this:

✖I think I’ve been waiting my whole life for hair scarves to become a thing.

✖This is legit my favorite fashion season so far.

Also, thank you for your support in purchasing through my affiliate links. I truly appreciate the love!


yellow espadrilles | white skinnies | crop tank

I’m pretty sure I just cleaned up the Christmas decorations, and now the tulips that were bulbs in my yard like a second ago are in full bloom! Hey spring.

I’ve spent some time this winter/spring refreshing my house + my mind. One thing I’ve really found myself hashing out is how I really feel about social media.

Have you done this too?

As some of you may have noticed, I took a bit of a hiatus from Insta + blogging last month. Social media is a special kind of monster that can be great at connecting people and great at simultaneously breaking “community” in half.

It’s so connecting, so pretty, but so fake and so addicting.. and the comparison game.. Maybe it was something in the air because many of the bloggers that I follow + love were feeling the same way: to disconnect.

Clothes are fun, but they’re not important. Humans are important. I’ve literally had moments where I questioned whether I should follow/friend someone on social media, because I liked them too much to risk finding new reasons not to. It’s. Weird.

Facebook is full of TMI + Insta is full of “pretty.” It has always been my mission to stay real. My life is not spent on a beach in California or bouncing around Seattle with a full face of makeup. I don’t even bounce.. I probably tromp. And my days are mostly filled with yelling at my kids then feeling guilty later. Not pictured on Insta: real life tromping and mom guilt.

I’ve struggled because I don’t want to showcase my fashion + beauty finds at the expense of wrongly influencing the eyeballs I’m hitting. I don’t want to further this agenda of inferiority that social media breeds. 

Any good counselor will tell you that your specific childhood can build into your brain negative beliefs about yourself that are untrue. These are conclusions that you’ve come to (consciously or subconsciously) based on how you perceived something. The result is a false perception of yourself. If your mom spends all her time staring at her tv, your false perception is that you are unimportant to people. I believe social media fosters this same perception. It may just be possible that your mom’s bad habit may have the same effect on you as you’re scrolling through your online feed.

What should we expect when we’re submerged in a world of sub reality?

We all watch as influencers spend vacations behind their phone’s camera. They spend their children’s birthdays behind their phone’s camera. They spend date night behind their phone’s camera. You get the point.. we are all guilty of this to a point, but I think there’s a line. Is handing your memories into the hands of strangers a prerequisite for earning a buck as an influencer?

I even have a teacher friend with a student who wrote a career paper on being a blogger when she grows up. When did this become a career option that children aspire to??

Guys, it’s tough!

Here are some things I know for a fact:

I love Jesus.
I love my family.
I try to compliment strangers.
I try to eat healthy.
I’m a work in progress.
I’d love to help babies across the world, spend my days doing roller sets + chatting with elderly ladies, blog fashion, do hair extensions, own an online clothing boutique and stay at home with my kids, all simultaneously full-time, but I just don’t have that kind of bandwidth (or attention span).
I’m not a materialist and I don’t want to play one social media.
I have a need to accomplish success in my ventures.

Here’s what I’m making of all of it: My heart is what matters. I’m not perfect, but I’m making a guided effort to keep my eyes on Jesus, build my real life relationships with others + stay positive even when I’m struggling. If my priorities are in tact, I can’t lose. I like taking you all on this journey with me, and if I sell a few dresses that promote your confidence + post things that make you think/laugh along the way, I think that’s okay too.

The struggle is real, but I’m trying to keep a good balance. My virtual world is my creative outlet + fun hobby, but never my whole life or my top priority.

So, as the Christmas décor is put away and the flowers come out, the theme here is “out with the old + in with the new..” And my Insta is no exception. I’m having fun with updating the look of my feed and I hope you like it too + continue following along.

My first 1.5 years in this world of blogging/Insta have been a fun period of trial and error and I’m glad to have you on this ride with me.


On that note, I want to do something fun for you guys! I love this gold leather bag so much that I grabbed one for one of you guys too! It’s a special edition item that was only distributed to select stores, so they are hard to come by! You can also adjust the strap to wear it as a fanny pack, if that’s your thing.

Head over to my Insta now to enter!

PC: Emily Keeney Photography

PC: Emily Keeney Photography

Shoutout to Emily of Emily Keeney Photography for all of these images! If you’re in need of a creative talent, check her out! She was super patient with our insane, high-energy kids and I’m in love with all of our images. I can’t wait to show you more of our session in upcoming posts!


Thanks to all of you for all the love over the years. It means a lot to me in this crazy + weird + challenging + somehow fun virtual space and I’m throwing it right back at you! <3


Flamingo Purse | Kiss Tee

I love Valentine’s Day. No pun intended. A lot of people dismiss this “Hallmark” holiday, but I’m grateful for it. Any time we can take a break to remind those around us that they are loved is okay by me. We actually may need to start implementing Valentine’s Day twice a year. It sure wouldn’t hurt to feel a little more love!

I’ve rounded up all things Valentine’s Day for you and your daughter, too!

I love lace, polka dots, stripes and shiny details. Is there a better day for these things than February 14th? I don’t think so. Added bonus: it all won’t go out of style by February 15th. 😉

Plan to see these wedges everywhere, Valentine’s Day through summer. I love them in white and they are guaranteed to sell out!

Grabbing one this Amour tee is a must! This is new version – I just double checked and the one in my feed below is already sold out! Here’s the cute red version of it too.

Snag this peplum top on sale for $20 in ivory and pair it with some red denim or black denim with red pumps for V Day and you’re all set.

There are many more cute things below! Prettymuch everything you see here comes in multiple colors (most of it in black and pinks!), so click on any style you like, even if it’s not the color you’re looking for. I’m obsessing over all of it and I hope it all stays in stock for you guys! I’ve pulled together mostly steals, with necklaces starting at $2.95 and shoes around $20-$30! I’ve thrown in a few higher end pieces too, but nothing crazy. Here you go:


Women’s Accessories


Women’s Tops


Women’s Bottoms


Women’s Dresses + Jumpsuits


Women’s Shoes


Girl’s Accessories


Girl’s Clothing


The craziness of the holidays is comin’ in hot.. Before you’re busier than elves on Christmas Eve, let’s get your beauty routine in check!

I love a good product that’s easy to use and/or low maintenance to wear. I’ve pooled together all of my must-haves for your shopping pleasure. Once you get your life together, you can even customize a beauty basket to gift to the next hot mess in your life. 😉

Call me Oprah, because here are some of my favorite things:


In no particular order..

Physician’s Formula Organic Mascara | Look for the green tube! Since mascara spends a lot of time on my eyes, I like knowing that it’s natural. Usually the natural stuff sucks, but this stuff will give you some good length with an eyelash curler + about 3 coats. Use tweezers to perfect your lash sections + close your eyes and use the cool setting on your blowdryer, while directed up your face, to blow your lashes up and away. Perfection! Linked above.

Younique Precision Pencil Eyeliner | More good stuff that’s not full of junk, especially as it sits on my eyes almost 24/7. Am I sounding like a granola yet? 😉 I use this one in the color “Perfect,” which is a jet black, but it comes in lots of funky options too! You can support a small business + shop for it here. While there, check out the pretty + sparkly anniversary eyeshadow palette they just released. Love.

Chanel CC Cream | Nobody told me my 30’s would show on my face. I’m kinda oily + kinda showing wrinkles + kinda blotchy with some zits. Fun, right? This one covers it all + adds a glow. It’s thick, but not “caked.” I wear color “30 Beige” in the winter and “40 Beige” in the summer + for pictures. Grab some!! You won’t regret it. Linked above.

MAC Blot Powder | I follow-up my CC Cream with this matte powder to kill the shine. I wear the color “Medium” in the winter and the color “Medium Dark” in the summer + for pictures. If you like a dewy look, you can skip this one! Linked above.

Foundation Brush | If you’re not already using a brush to apply your foundation, you’re missing out on a must have. Application is smoother and your foundation looks 3048x better on. Wash with brush cleaner or your facial cleanser weekly to keep it in good shape. Grab my favorite through the link above!

Lipsense | I love this stuff because it doesn’t come off!! You can eat + drink + kiss your kids + nap + shower and your lip color won’t budge. Perfect for holiday parties or, let’s be honest, just plain ol’ #momlife. This comes in tons of colors + it’s a 3 coat process; Opt for a lighter shade if you’re new to applying lipstick. “Bombshell” is a lighter favorite, it makes me want to put on a LBD and Jennifer Aniston wears it, so there’s that. 😉 If you’re a pro, I love brights like “Blu-Red” + “Dark Pink” for the holidays. Some people have an adjustment period to this (mine peeled for several days), so get going on it before a big night out. Make sure you grab a gloss + color, because they won’t work without one another. You can support a small business + shop for it here or here. If it’s your first rodeo, here’s my cute friend Chelsea showing you how to apply it.

Rodan+Fields Lash Boost | Longer lashes are on my Christmas list. Everyone I know who is using this stuff has insanely long lashes! Start now for some dramatic lengths by Christmas + New Years. New foundation + a little mascara + some bright lips will brighten your whole look. Support a small business + shop it here.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion | Somewhere between 9am-noon, my eyeshadow all rolls into my creases and my eyeliner ends up somewhere above that. This primer actually keeps your shadow + liner exactly where you put it! I’ve linked the newest “anti-aging” version above (because that sounds like what I need), but I’m currently using the regular version. Liquid magic.

La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream | The first thing I have to say on this one is don’t freak out! The second thing I have to say is this. stuff. is. GOLD. That’s why it’s not cheap. I said don’t freak out. The first ingredient is seaweed and something about dry skin loves that. With 2 uses, my complexion has balanced out + my skin feels a lot like my 4 year olds. You can grab the .5 ounce version for under $100, so I’ve linked that above. This moisturizer is a must, especially through a harsh winter.

Gel Polish | I can’t talk beauty without mentioning nails! Mine are finally growing out, thanks to professionally applied gel polish. If hitting your nail place isn’t doable every 2-3 weeks, you can do this long lasting polish yourself. I’ve linked a DIY kit above. 30 minutes spent + you’re chip-free for weeks! Super low maintenance.

Fake Bake Self Tanner | Get bronzed skin, but skip the damage. This set comes with a spray + mit and it’s super easy to use with the perfect color result. Make sure you exfoliate in the shower prior to applying, wear gloves when applying + quickly spray/rub in a circular motion to spread the color. Linked above.

MAC Lips | I’ve linked two glosses in my perfect pinks for winter: one bright Lipglass + one pale Cremesheen Lipglass. You probably already know if you can pull of a pale lip, but this bright pink is an every girl shade. It comes with guaranteed complements. 🙂 I’ve also included my favorite lip product – Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. This one is called “Personal Statement,” but if popping pink isn’t your thing, it comes in tons of other colors too. I love it because it lasts all day with minimal smudging + it feels like there’s nothing on your lips! All linked above.

MAC Blush | Light, bright cheeks are the way to go! This stuff holds its hue all day long + you can also apply it with your new brush. Wash to avoid turning your foundation pink. I’ve linked my favorite color above.

doTerra Lip Balm Trio | While we’re on the subject of lips, let me introduce you to your perfect lip conditioner. During winter especially, I find myself reaching for this stuff. These smell delish because they’re infused with essential oils + they contain zero junk! Support a small business + shop here. Feel free to grab some essential oils while you’re at it!



This is my list of goods that I keep coming back to + I hope you love them! The holidays are looking good. 😉


hoodie | grey tee | pom sneaks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends today! Get your hustle on and grab some of these deals before they are gone tonight!

Since so many of you are fellow mamas, I want to help curb your FOMO (fear of missing out) as this sale comes to a close! I’ve gone through pages of clothing + grabbed a few of my favorite kiddo items still in stock! The items below are mostly toddler and kid sizes, but some baby, and I’ve broken it down into options for girl and boys.



I’m a fan of anything metallic right now, and this is the perfect gold skirt for back to school. This gold skirt is equally as adorable! My favorite everyday outfit would consist of these cute shoes + this soft Zella hoodie (my daughter already has one and can’t wait to live in it when the weather changes. Her favorite part is the thumbholes. Ha!)

These cute moto jeans with zippers are to die. Size up!

I’m always a fan of these bow Uggs for girls and you cannot beat this price. And speaking of metallic, I love these gold fringe booties + I may pickup a pair of these pewter booties, too! Also, why don’t these glitter sneaks come in my size??

Every girl needs a white faux fur vest to throw on over sweatshirts, dresses + more.

I’m obsessed with this reversible pink Northface. It’s under $60 and still available in a 2t or size 6!

Check out the crisscross detail on this cardigan. Still available in sizes 7 and 8/10!

You can’t go wrong with an everyday pair of “Chucks.” These Converse run large, so size down. For a laid-back look, I love this jean jacket paired with the shoes!

Love these comfy dark jeggings and, even better, they’re under $20!

Are you even kidding me right now with this too cute dress for fall?! It runs small, so be sure to size up.

Also currently loving the copper zipper on this long Zella hoodie! It would look super cute over these shiny black jeggings.

These little girl Hudson jean leggings are still up for grabs in 2t +3t. These also come in a baby girl version for $20!

And the grand finale.. these black lace up floral Sam Edelman flats are to die! I’d pair them with this olive hooded duster.



If you have a baby boy, you must get this soft Northface hoodie in your cart! So cute.

I can’t believe this quilted navy + grey hoodie is still available! Grab one in sizes up through 24mos.

Check out these go-with-everything Chuck Taylors for boys! Remember to size down as they run big. These grey joggers look cute on little boys with some Converse and double as pajama pants (which equals less laundry and that’s a win)!

I love a good baseball tee + this one is under $12!

Love this hooded shirt with these red sneaks.

This basic striped tee comes in grey or burgundy and will work great under a heavier collared shirt when the weather cools down.


You can check out all my favorites for Women here.

Even if you have already shopped the sale, there’s always more to be found! Good luck from these two on making your final picks. 🙂