Flamingo Purse | Kiss Tee

I love Valentine’s Day. No pun intended. A lot of people dismiss this “Hallmark” holiday, but I’m grateful for it. Any time we can take a break to remind those around us that they are loved is okay by me. We actually may need to start implementing Valentine’s Day twice a year. It sure wouldn’t hurt to feel a little more love!

I’ve rounded up all things Valentine’s Day for you and your daughter, too!

I love lace, polka dots, stripes and shiny details. Is there a better day for these things than February 14th? I don’t think so. Added bonus: it all won’t go out of style by February 15th. 😉

Plan to see these wedges everywhere, Valentine’s Day through summer. I love them in white and they are guaranteed to sell out!

Grabbing one this Amour tee is a must! This is new version – I just double checked and the one in my feed below is already sold out! Here’s the cute red version of it too.

Snag this peplum top on sale for $20 in ivory and pair it with some red denim or black denim with red pumps for V Day and you’re all set.

There are many more cute things below! Prettymuch everything you see here comes in multiple colors (most of it in black and pinks!), so click on any style you like, even if it’s not the color you’re looking for. I’m obsessing over all of it and I hope it all stays in stock for you guys! I’ve pulled together mostly steals, with necklaces starting at $2.95 and shoes around $20-$30! I’ve thrown in a few higher end pieces too, but nothing crazy. Here you go:


Women’s Accessories


Women’s Tops


Women’s Bottoms


Women’s Dresses + Jumpsuits


Women’s Shoes


Girl’s Accessories


Girl’s Clothing