“People grow where they’re loved.” -Bob Goff

Well, my current trend right now: knee-deep in life. If this sums you up too, I hope you love his quote like I do! Never underestimate the weathering you can take when you’re surrounded by amazing people with huge hearts. Always plant yourself near these people and you can’t lose. And if you’re currently in a good season, get out there and find people to share your big heart with. Did I just get deep on you?! 😉

Let’s talk fashion!

Welcome to the color that is currently everywhere. Drum roll please..


This color is one of my favorites (when accompanied by a tan ;)), so soak up some vitamin D and continue wearing that Valentine’s Day outfit to your heart’s content. Free People cranks out some amazing pieces, and I grabbed this one in blush. Ideally, I would have worn it out to a fun dinner last night, but we are all still sluggishly fighting a cold, so we ate grilled cheese, exchanged gifts (including kid crafts and, cough, JACK JOHNSON tix for July), put the kids to bed and watched a little “This Is Us” before completely falling into sleep coma’s.

If you don’t have a closet full of pink tones, don’t worry, you can find blush just about anywhere. I picked up a few of my fave textured items in blush at Forever 21 + Target and I didn’t spend a lot! Here are just a few of my finds.


All Lips: MAC

All Jewelry: Stella & Dot

Jacket: Target

Skirt: Target

2fore pictures


Top: Forever 21

Pants: Nordstrom

Shoes: Target

2fore pictures


Shoes: Apricot Lane Peoria (similar)

2fore pictures


Jacket: Forever 21

2fore pictures


Jacket: Forever 21

2fore pictures


2fore pictures


I hope you all had a fun Valentine’s Day and I hope that I’ve inspired your blush vibes just a little. Now go share lend your heart to someone! 😉



“When you feel sad, put on a fur coat, your favorite heels and drink water from a big wine glass on the couch.” –Charina, my amazing friend

What do hardship and faux fur have in common? Well, there you go.

This is my bright, clean corner of the internet, but it’s also my place of epic realness. No unicorns here, folks. 😉 Just fashion + real life intermixed with some worthwhile carbs (cough, grilled cheese).

We’ve all heard “never judge a book by it’s cover.” In my opinion, this can actually apply two different ways; Some books pose disproportion, ragged edges and age that cannot be concealed, but they hold unexpected treasure. On the other hand, some books present nice and crisp, even as stress + struggle falls between their pages.

I’ve been both books. Chances are, you have too.

I’ve gone several days between showers and real maintenance, but had Bible verses in my head, grocery shopping done, kids entertained, dinner on the table and more. There was treasure at the end of that ragged rainbow.

There’s also that spot where you struggle to find a balance, and I could give you a list of 32035034 reasons why that may be. I sometimes feel myself working harder, yet accomplishing less. This is my current novel.

It is possible to do it all and have it all, but I’ve heard it only happens once every 922nd full moon. Let’s all hang in there together.


Jacket: Forever 21 (similar)

Choker: Forever 21 (similar)

Ring: Stella & Dot (on sale!)

Booties: Payless (similar)

Hat: Forever 21 (on sale!)


2fore pictures

2fore pictures

2fore pictures



The first thing you need to know about this sale is that it ends today!! I wokeup at 8am and realized today is the last day! So jump on it while it lasts. We’re going to shop all things Women, but this sale also includes:  Men | Kids | Home

If you’ve read anything on this blog at all, you know I really enjoy two things: grilled cheese + a good sale. In the interest of the latter, I may or may not have spent the morning browsing infinite pages of goodness and my eyes may or may not be burning as a result. So, grab your sandwich and shop along.

I cannot emphasize enough how many cute shoes there are this time around. These Nordstrom buyers really outdo themselves in the shoe department. I think retailers are transitioning primarily into winter boot season and eventually spring things, so if you need a good pair of booties, welcome to shoe heaven. These booties aren’t my typical style, but I’ve been eyeing them all season! I’m also loving these Nikes that look like the Free Runs, but they’re only $67.90! Oh, and these Vince Camuto’s.. take my money, Nordstrom. Just take it.

In no particular order, here are some more favorite finds:



My favorite dress!


If you’re on the fence with anything, here’s a secret I have learned about Nord sales: Sometimes the price goes back up the next day, but sometimes it further drops. And sometimes things sell out completely! So snag what you want while it’s on sale today, then tomorrow check pricing on the items you purchased. If the price has further dropped, shoot Nordstrom a friendly email and they will refund the difference.

Love this company + these steals!




Fall finally showed up and it’s been all school drop-offs, pickups, a few hair extension clients and a blur of activities! And so begins the season of busyness and pre-funking for the holidays. Halloween is only weeks away and then it’s all turkey and tinsel. My brain is excited and running the opposite direction all at the same time. So, let’s just talk effortless outfits for now. 🙂

If you haven’t already jumped on the texture-mixing bandwagon (see fall pick #6), that’s ok. With these rainy Seattle days especially, I can appreciate a little simplicity. Black + gray are your best friends right now. They look good on everybody + never go out of season + are versatile and can be styled limitlessly. And not to forget, your new bold lips (see fall pick #4) will pop right off your calm colored canvas. Say that three times fast.

Whether shopping for basic staples or accessories outside of your norm, you cannot go wrong with these two colors. In my case, I’m not a hat person. Hats have never looked quite right on me, but I guess I have a will that won’t die. So, when stepping outside your comfort zone like me, 1. find a really good photographer 😉 and 2. grab that new piece in black or gray.

Why not white? White is also a basic neutral, but it can add pounds and, let’s face it, gets dirty quickly. I can throw on this gray dress and walk through a dust storm and you probably wouldn’t know the difference.


Hat: Old Navy

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Old Navy

Jewelry: SD Necklace + SD Bracelet



2fore pictures


2fore pictures

Fair weather fashion is now your friend. Happy puddle jumping!



Don’t you love a good sale? Nordstrom is back at it, and this time it’s the Summer Clearance Sale. Don’t let the “summer” fool you! These things are cute now and most will take you right through the fall season. This sale goes through Sunday, 9/11, and items are up to 40% off! Are those singing angels just in my head or do you hear them too?


For no good reason at all, now that I’m in my third decade of life, shoes have become a whole new thing for me. Ages 0-29, I wore flip flops 24/7 and 365. My arches hated me, but I was a not-too-tall, happy camper. Now, I love all my basic staples in tops and bottoms and shoes are the cherry on my vanilla sundae. I’m 5’9″ going on 6′ and it’s worth every inch in a cute pair of booties.

Just for you, I’ve pulled together some amazing shoes and tied together some easy-breezy outfits. Don’t miss out on my absolute favorite dress. I almost own this thing in every color. It’s extremely flattering on and I’ve worn mine during everything from leaving the hospital with a new baby to weddings. You can also grab my favorite fringe crossbody bag and the most comfortable lace up wedges you will ever own.



So, without further adieu, grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and scroll..


Must-Have Outfits






I hope some of my favorites help inspire some ideas for you! Happy shopping.