Truth: When you’re 5′ 9,” there are lots of heels and dresses that just won’t work. But, to my short girls and tall girls of all builds, this dress does it all. I’m posting this for you immediately because from the time I got this dress last week until now, they are almost GONE!

Everyone loves a little swish + a little leg in a good piece of clothing. This print + this fit + the keyhole back are just a few of my favorite things with this dress. Oh and did I mention that it’s currently 40% off! Here’s everything you need to know to get this baby in your closet.

Tall girls, size up for length. I’m wearing a size 8 (usually a 6). It also comes in a black/white/grey combo, but this blue screams spring + summer. You can shop my favorite minidress online, but it’s almost sold out. If you don’t see your size, call your local Nordstrom and have them search for item #5275134 in your size and color. Shh, don’t tell anyone, but the Nord associates always have access to inventory not offered online. My dress shipped to me (free) from a Nordstrom store in Cali.. my favorite dress from my favorite state. Seems meant to be, doesn’t it? 😉

I paired this dress with some cute black booties I picked up in BP. shoes. They are currently sold out (I think I’m seeing a theme here), but here’s a similar pair. Feel free to repeat the search process with your local store to get access to that secret inventory if you need it.

2fore pictures

2fore pictures

2fore pictures

2fore pictures


Good luck snagging one for yourself!


Happy New Year, friends! The holiday season flew by, as it often does, but I truly soaked up every ounce of fun with family before making the annual crossover.

Christmas, my birthday + New Years all lineup nicely at the end of each year and we always get large doses of sugar, fat, carbs, travel, laughs, glitter, shopping, snow and most importantly, togetherness. We had a great ending. That being said, I’m happy 2016 is finally in the rear view mirror.

2016, in a nutshell, broke me into pieces.. kinda like the peanuts you smash up, but without any sign of a sundae. It was one of those years where I kept looking for Ashton Kutcher, but he was nowhere to be found. No Ashton. No sundae. Just a lot of punk’d + pieces.

It was the year that instilled in me that God cannot shape us and He cannot use us if we sit in one comfortable spot. In the same way that rocks (and some of the coolest formations) are shaped by the elements of the outdoors, God exposes us to His own kind of storm for His perfect purpose. Sometimes hardship is merely a repercussion of a bad choice, but more often than not, God rocks our boat to test our faith and to reshape us as His rocks. Did I just call us God’s rocks? Anyway, those of us “rocks” with knicks and scuffs have a lot more compassion + enlightenment toward all the weathered folks along our path. Maybe it’s not even knicks and scuffs that we sport, maybe it’s actually smoothed edges.. either way, this is the pile I’m in.

I guess the message here is always try and use your circumstances. Nothing happens by mistake (Romans 8:28). I could type out my list of circumstances I had no part in creating, but the internet would run out of ink. 😉 Time to tighten up my ponytail and go help some fellow rocks..

This little boy of ours has been the hugest ray of sunshine imaginable and I loved trotting around with him to capture his sweetness. He runs like a pint-sized Jack Sparrow. It’s the best! I look at him and know that someday he will be taller than I am and hanging out with girls other than his sister + I, so I’m soaking up every kiss, hug, “you’re beautiful mama,” and snuggle I can while he’s still all mine. He’s pure sugar. <3


Scarf: Nordstrom

Jacket: Nordstrom

Sweater: Nordstrom

Jeans: Nordstrom

Booties: Nordstrom (similar)


AMP Images

AMP Images

AMP Images

AMP Images

AMP Images

AMP Images

Big shout out to the amazing Amy of AMP Images for these shots!



The first thing you need to know about this sale is that it ends today!! I wokeup at 8am and realized today is the last day! So jump on it while it lasts. We’re going to shop all things Women, but this sale also includes:  Men | Kids | Home

If you’ve read anything on this blog at all, you know I really enjoy two things: grilled cheese + a good sale. In the interest of the latter, I may or may not have spent the morning browsing infinite pages of goodness and my eyes may or may not be burning as a result. So, grab your sandwich and shop along.

I cannot emphasize enough how many cute shoes there are this time around. These Nordstrom buyers really outdo themselves in the shoe department. I think retailers are transitioning primarily into winter boot season and eventually spring things, so if you need a good pair of booties, welcome to shoe heaven. These booties aren’t my typical style, but I’ve been eyeing them all season! I’m also loving these Nikes that look like the Free Runs, but they’re only $67.90! Oh, and these Vince Camuto’s.. take my money, Nordstrom. Just take it.

In no particular order, here are some more favorite finds:



My favorite dress!


If you’re on the fence with anything, here’s a secret I have learned about Nord sales: Sometimes the price goes back up the next day, but sometimes it further drops. And sometimes things sell out completely! So snag what you want while it’s on sale today, then tomorrow check pricing on the items you purchased. If the price has further dropped, shoot Nordstrom a friendly email and they will refund the difference.

Love this company + these steals!



Don’t you love a good sale? Nordstrom is back at it, and this time it’s the Summer Clearance Sale. Don’t let the “summer” fool you! These things are cute now and most will take you right through the fall season. This sale goes through Sunday, 9/11, and items are up to 40% off! Are those singing angels just in my head or do you hear them too?


For no good reason at all, now that I’m in my third decade of life, shoes have become a whole new thing for me. Ages 0-29, I wore flip flops 24/7 and 365. My arches hated me, but I was a not-too-tall, happy camper. Now, I love all my basic staples in tops and bottoms and shoes are the cherry on my vanilla sundae. I’m 5’9″ going on 6′ and it’s worth every inch in a cute pair of booties.

Just for you, I’ve pulled together some amazing shoes and tied together some easy-breezy outfits. Don’t miss out on my absolute favorite dress. I almost own this thing in every color. It’s extremely flattering on and I’ve worn mine during everything from leaving the hospital with a new baby to weddings. You can also grab my favorite fringe crossbody bag and the most comfortable lace up wedges you will ever own.



So, without further adieu, grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and scroll..


Must-Have Outfits






I hope some of my favorites help inspire some ideas for you! Happy shopping.




Nothing sings to me quite like the word “sale.” Especially when the choir is Nordstrom. 😉 Early access to their anniversary sale is happening now-July 21st and it’s my favorite because it covers everything: MEN | WOMEN | KIDS | HOME


You must be a card holder (debit or credit) to gain access to the pre-sale, so get that card handy or apply for one here. Once you’re approved, you can shop right away. These items do sell out quickly, so snatch up some of your favorites before the sale opens up to the public on July 22nd.  Just as I’ve been compiling my list for you guys, a few things have vanished.


The number one reason I love this sale is because it’s not the picked over things that nobody else wants; This sale is the NEW incoming merch for fall and you get first dibs! I’m organizing all of my picks for you in one spot and they won’t break the bank, sooo without further adieu ..


..Let’s shop!







You can also find my favorite dress on sale. I live in this thing.








Happy shopping!