(better late than never, right?!)

Fact: Mickey Mouse has to be sick of us by now. Who even goes to Disneyland 3 times in 2 years? I’ll tell you who: spoiled children and their stressed out parents.

We have a 5-year-old with a “good girl” chart and once she earns 10 stickers, she fills a row and she gets a reward. We initially let her choose whatever she wanted, which turned out to be 100% toys. On Mother’s Day this year she brought me home a special paper that said her favorite thing to do together was to go look at toys, sooo ever since we’ve let her choose experiences vs things. I guess we’re getting carried away with going places instead of buying toys, because we keep finding ourselves in this themepark! But forever memories are made amongst these characters and some of our favorite scenery is along these beaches. And you can’t put a price on your kid fighting Darth Vader. For real.

Little guy can’t fight the force just yet, but he stayed perfectly content watching. We will probably take him back in the fall, as a big 4 year old. We’ll do prettymuch anything for these big brown eyes.

Also, Darth is legit scary when he’s 7′ tall and he’s, in the flesh, deep mask breathing into your face. I freaked slightly while the boys protected me observed and Addison just obliviously smiled for the picture. I hope I’m never in real danger with this group. 😉 Our matching mermaid leggings are a little more compatible with Disney than sci-fi, but they’re still my favorite part of this picture. 🙂 Mine are under $8 and Addison’s are under $10! We also hit the neighboring ride Autopia and Buzz’s Astroblasters ride about 6 times. I expected myself to earn more points by ride 7.. nope.


This happy girl just rode Thunder Mountain Railroad + the Matterhorn at least 5x each (and still wanted more). Picky doesn’t even begin to describe her when it comes to clothing, but this shirt completed one of her favorite Disneyland outfits. I got Breckin’s sweet little Flounder shirt, by special request, here. We also did some serious hat shopping. 😉


Space Mountain was closed while we were there this trip (I know!), so we soaked up the characters and shows with our Star-Wars-obsessed 5 year old and Toy Story-loving 3 year old. One of the cutest memories we walked away with: mini Jesse + pint-sized Woody meeting Jesse! Purely by accident, we walked up as the last family in line to take pictures with Jesse. This is one of those moments where we were just a little bit less stupid for spending $$ on 3-day park tix. The kids were in twinning Toy Story heaven.


If you do nothing else inside the walls of the happiest place on earth, do the parades! They are legitimately impressive + the kids jump around wide-eyed, full of pure joy (which is probably why my pictures are blurry).


Here are a few more costume changes + famous faces. Why they wanted Batman/Batgirl costumes in Disney, I will never know.


Now, onto beachin’! Life is always next-level good at the beach. We accomplished nothing but time together + tan lines. Long Beach was our last excursion before changing and catching our ride back to rainy (but sometimes beautiful) Seattle.


Just good times.. Cali never disappoints. Now take me back to the beach! 😉


“People grow where they’re loved.” -Bob Goff

Well, my current trend right now: knee-deep in life. If this sums you up too, I hope you love his quote like I do! Never underestimate the weathering you can take when you’re surrounded by amazing people with huge hearts. Always plant yourself near these people and you can’t lose. And if you’re currently in a good season, get out there and find people to share your big heart with. Did I just get deep on you?! 😉

Let’s talk fashion!

Welcome to the color that is currently everywhere. Drum roll please..


This color is one of my favorites (when accompanied by a tan ;)), so soak up some vitamin D and continue wearing that Valentine’s Day outfit to your heart’s content. Free People cranks out some amazing pieces, and I grabbed this one in blush. Ideally, I would have worn it out to a fun dinner last night, but we are all still sluggishly fighting a cold, so we ate grilled cheese, exchanged gifts (including kid crafts and, cough, JACK JOHNSON tix for July), put the kids to bed and watched a little “This Is Us” before completely falling into sleep coma’s.

If you don’t have a closet full of pink tones, don’t worry, you can find blush just about anywhere. I picked up a few of my fave textured items in blush at Forever 21 + Target and I didn’t spend a lot! Here are just a few of my finds.


All Lips: MAC

All Jewelry: Stella & Dot

Jacket: Target

Skirt: Target

2fore pictures


Top: Forever 21

Pants: Nordstrom

Shoes: Target

2fore pictures


Shoes: Apricot Lane Peoria (similar)

2fore pictures


Jacket: Forever 21

2fore pictures


Jacket: Forever 21

2fore pictures


2fore pictures


I hope you all had a fun Valentine’s Day and I hope that I’ve inspired your blush vibes just a little. Now go share lend your heart to someone! 😉



“When you feel sad, put on a fur coat, your favorite heels and drink water from a big wine glass on the couch.” –Charina, my amazing friend

What do hardship and faux fur have in common? Well, there you go.

This is my bright, clean corner of the internet, but it’s also my place of epic realness. No unicorns here, folks. 😉 Just fashion + real life intermixed with some worthwhile carbs (cough, grilled cheese).

We’ve all heard “never judge a book by it’s cover.” In my opinion, this can actually apply two different ways; Some books pose disproportion, ragged edges and age that cannot be concealed, but they hold unexpected treasure. On the other hand, some books present nice and crisp, even as stress + struggle falls between their pages.

I’ve been both books. Chances are, you have too.

I’ve gone several days between showers and real maintenance, but had Bible verses in my head, grocery shopping done, kids entertained, dinner on the table and more. There was treasure at the end of that ragged rainbow.

There’s also that spot where you struggle to find a balance, and I could give you a list of 32035034 reasons why that may be. I sometimes feel myself working harder, yet accomplishing less. This is my current novel.

It is possible to do it all and have it all, but I’ve heard it only happens once every 922nd full moon. Let’s all hang in there together.


Jacket: Forever 21 (similar)

Choker: Forever 21 (similar)

Ring: Stella & Dot (on sale!)

Booties: Payless (similar)

Hat: Forever 21 (on sale!)


2fore pictures

2fore pictures

2fore pictures


Merry Christmas Eve Eve my friends!

This year has been one for the books. And not the books you stack neatly on an ornate shelf, but more like the ones for the pile of fire starters. That being said, onward and upward.

2017 will be a good one for us and I know it will for you too!

This summer I finally grabbed that creativity-inspired thought swirling around in my pool of dreams and turned it into a pretty little corner of the internet: this blog. I’m always inspired by Cara Loren, Amber Fillerup + many more, but I don’t aspire to their liking, I aspire to their impact. I hope you’ve drawn just a little entertainment, humor and inspiration (and maybe even some giveaway swag) from this corner of mine. It never ceases to amaze me what a few kind words, a little humor and some bright lipstick can do for a person. Don’t worry, the lipstick is optional. 😉

If I haven’t already said it, thank you for following along with my c̶r̶a̶z̶y̶  life as I follow a virtual passion.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!




img_9602I can sum up this trip in 8 words: sunshine, Mickey, beaches, palm trees, Camaros + gangster rap (ICYMI on Insta).

With these elements, you cannot keep me away. I’d even be happy subbing chocolate (or grilled cheese) for the Camaro. 🙂 And maybe swapping Mickey for silence. But, I can’t complain..

As you probably know by now, I’m not from Cali, but I’d like to think I do an ok job posing. You won’t find this Seattleite wearing a beanie and rainboots through LAX. That being said, I won’t promise to leave the Seahawks garb at home either. 🙂

A plane ride with two kids isn’t exactly the recipe for awesome. So, as I was bracing for that falling-into-a-pile-of-nails feeling, I geared up with my favorite motos and carried-on my favorite bag. You know, to look just a smidge less crazy in the midst of chaos. The trip from SEA-LAX felt short and kids kept reasonably quiet. We also made it without any potty-related incidents. Miracles do happen, folks!



From the airport, we grabbed our cherry red Camaro and headed straight to our most important stop. In-N-Out. Animal style.




Our next stop has been part of my bucket list since about the age of 12: Hollywood Boulevard. And only because, in my head, it was a clean, celebrity-filled eutopia. Nope. I had this famous boulevard pictured as something like the Zack Morris of SBTB, but it was more like Minkus from Boy Meets World. Lots of gift shops, lots of asking for handouts and lots of spidermen walking around in 20-year-old tennis shoes. But don’t get me wrong, the place has a ton of broken dreams history. We walked the celeb squares and saw signatures by everyone from Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra and everything in between. We even spotted Jimmy Kimmel’s studio just a few blocks from the walk, so I guess I got my celebrity fix. And the kids took a pic with Bumblebee (they call him “Honeyman”), which had them pretty stoked. So, it was a walk worthwhile, but we probably won’t throw any birthday parties there.





Next up was a bucket list item that did live up to expectation: Beverly Hills. It was everything I pictured – fast cars, class, and high end everything. But most importantly, the home of Josh Flagg from MDLLA. And I didn’t stalk him, I merely located his office entrance. 😉 And took an eyes-half-shut picture in front of it. There’s no time for re-takes with two antsy kids in tow. Not unless you want a meltdown with millionaire spectators.




It’s nice to check some items off the ol’ bucket list and I especially loved experiencing it with my family. We all soaked up every second of time together in some new scenery. Next up: beachin’ and a whole lotta Disney.


to be continued..