The land of history, architecture, rain, coffee, graffiti, gum + flying fish.. welcome to Seattle.

I think Seattle is basically comprised of two ingredients: dirt + amusement. So naturally, kids love it. If you haven’t walked around as a family without an agenda in a while, get it on your calendar.

This city + the pictures we took there posed so many questions:

“What is this place for?”

“Why are they throwing fish?!”

“Where’s the bathroom?”

“Can we go back and watch the fish again?!”

“Is that gum for me?”

Also, why does my spray tan look like a level 3 instead of a level 1? I look like The Rock. I’m surprised our poor photographer, Emily, didn’t have to overexpose all of our pictures just to make me the color of a real human.

Moving on..

When you live near a major city, you’re probably least likely to spend a lot of free time there. At least for us, Seattle is typically a tourist trap we steer clear of. Emily proposed some cool pockets around Seattle and played our tour guide as she took us around to all of them! I guess there’s nothing like quality photography to push a family outside their norm. 😉

Our kids have a combined 11 years on this earth and they finally made it to Pikes Place market. Taking pictures came second to the stars in these babies’ eyes as they watched ice-shocked seafood sail around them. Why didn’t we do this sooner?!

Emily Keeney Photography

And I’m so glad we ventured out.

Emily Keeney Photography


Fact: The gum wall is currently the most disgusting collection of worldwide germs concocted by miscellaneous strangers. So, as you can imagine, the kids wanted everything to do with this piece of artwork. “Don’t touch,” was the phrase of the day. Ok, it was pretty cool too. 33 years of life lived in Seattle and (embarrassingly) this was my first trip.

Emily Keeney Photography


I have a husband who doesn’t love taking pictures + 2 kids who run insanely wild, especially when they’re supposed to stand still and smile, and somehow this whole shoot was fun! If you can’t tell, the kids loved exploring these well-traveled areas that we don’t often make it to.

Emily Keeney Photography

Emily Keeney Photography

Emily Keeney Photography


It’s never a family day out without some crazy. Notable weirdnesses include Breckin having to pee in a planter + an unsuspecting Addison being photographed on a foreigner’s cell phone as he walked by her. Great reminders that 1. boys have it a little easier in life and 2. this is why we don’t talk to strangers. And now we need a new rule: don’t smile for stranger’s phones either.


Here are some more shots from our fun + craziness around town.

Emily Keeney Photography

Emily Keeney Photography

Emily Keeney Photography

Emily Keeney Photography

Emily Keeney Photography

Emily Keeney Photography

Emily Keeney Photography

Emily Keeney Photography


<3 Fun shots of a fun day together.


And now let’s talk GIVEAWAY! Guys, this is a good one. After such an awesome experience, I’ve teamed up with Emily Keeney Photography to give one lucky a winner:

✔️a complimentary one hour photo shoot

✔️35 digital images!!

Head over to my Insta for all the details + to enter!! Good luck!



flower crowns | peach tulle dress | white suspenders | boys v neck tee | boys denim shorts

I know Mother’s Day isn’t until next weekend, but I have a little something special in the works for then. And, lets face it, mom’s deserve as much celebration as possible anyway.

The grease in your unwashed hair, the dried snot on your sleeve, the wearing of yoga pants for days.. yup, you’re a mom.

Welcome to the club of perma-sweat + crows feet. These are just a few of the testaments to the many circus tricks packed into your title on a daily basis.

Motherhood is the most interesting endeavor out there. It’s fun + terrible + tiring + inspiring + insane + grounding and that all makes no sense, but if you’re a mom, you totally get it. It’s the most work you’ll ever do with the least pay and the highest reward. Motherhood is an abstract painting. It’s a freaking mess, but it’s a work of art. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson Pollock drew inspiration from his mother..

Moms are amazing.

Joyce Meyer sums it all up better than I can right here: start this video at :50 for a dose of truth. 🙂

You all deserve to enjoy your day next weekend!


Here are some outfit ideas to help ditch the yoga pants for a day.

Trisha Marie Photography

Trisha Marie Photography


Trisha Marie Photography


Trisha Marie Photography


Trisha Marie Photography



Huge shoutout to Trisha Marie Photography for these images! We had a blast with this shoot. Here are a few more favorites.



Stay tuned for something extra special next weekend (and not just for the momma’s)..

Cheers to all the mom’s!


yellow espadrilles | white skinnies | crop tank

I’m pretty sure I just cleaned up the Christmas decorations, and now the tulips that were bulbs in my yard like a second ago are in full bloom! Hey spring.

I’ve spent some time this winter/spring refreshing my house + my mind. One thing I’ve really found myself hashing out is how I really feel about social media.

Have you done this too?

As some of you may have noticed, I took a bit of a hiatus from Insta + blogging last month. Social media is a special kind of monster that can be great at connecting people and great at simultaneously breaking “community” in half.

It’s so connecting, so pretty, but so fake and so addicting.. and the comparison game.. Maybe it was something in the air because many of the bloggers that I follow + love were feeling the same way: to disconnect.

Clothes are fun, but they’re not important. Humans are important. I’ve literally had moments where I questioned whether I should follow/friend someone on social media, because I liked them too much to risk finding new reasons not to. It’s. Weird.

Facebook is full of TMI + Insta is full of “pretty.” It has always been my mission to stay real. My life is not spent on a beach in California or bouncing around Seattle with a full face of makeup. I don’t even bounce.. I probably tromp. And my days are mostly filled with yelling at my kids then feeling guilty later. Not pictured on Insta: real life tromping and mom guilt.

I’ve struggled because I don’t want to showcase my fashion + beauty finds at the expense of wrongly influencing the eyeballs I’m hitting. I don’t want to further this agenda of inferiority that social media breeds. 

Any good counselor will tell you that your specific childhood can build into your brain negative beliefs about yourself that are untrue. These are conclusions that you’ve come to (consciously or subconsciously) based on how you perceived something. The result is a false perception of yourself. If your mom spends all her time staring at her tv, your false perception is that you are unimportant to people. I believe social media fosters this same perception. It may just be possible that your mom’s bad habit may have the same effect on you as you’re scrolling through your online feed.

What should we expect when we’re submerged in a world of sub reality?

We all watch as influencers spend vacations behind their phone’s camera. They spend their children’s birthdays behind their phone’s camera. They spend date night behind their phone’s camera. You get the point.. we are all guilty of this to a point, but I think there’s a line. Is handing your memories into the hands of strangers a prerequisite for earning a buck as an influencer?

I even have a teacher friend with a student who wrote a career paper on being a blogger when she grows up. When did this become a career option that children aspire to??

Guys, it’s tough!

Here are some things I know for a fact:

I love Jesus.
I love my family.
I try to compliment strangers.
I try to eat healthy.
I’m a work in progress.
I’d love to help babies across the world, spend my days doing roller sets + chatting with elderly ladies, blog fashion, do hair extensions, own an online clothing boutique and stay at home with my kids, all simultaneously full-time, but I just don’t have that kind of bandwidth (or attention span).
I’m not a materialist and I don’t want to play one social media.
I have a need to accomplish success in my ventures.

Here’s what I’m making of all of it: My heart is what matters. I’m not perfect, but I’m making a guided effort to keep my eyes on Jesus, build my real life relationships with others + stay positive even when I’m struggling. If my priorities are in tact, I can’t lose. I like taking you all on this journey with me, and if I sell a few dresses that promote your confidence + post things that make you think/laugh along the way, I think that’s okay too.

The struggle is real, but I’m trying to keep a good balance. My virtual world is my creative outlet + fun hobby, but never my whole life or my top priority.

So, as the Christmas décor is put away and the flowers come out, the theme here is “out with the old + in with the new..” And my Insta is no exception. I’m having fun with updating the look of my feed and I hope you like it too + continue following along.

My first 1.5 years in this world of blogging/Insta have been a fun period of trial and error and I’m glad to have you on this ride with me.


On that note, I want to do something fun for you guys! I love this gold leather bag so much that I grabbed one for one of you guys too! It’s a special edition item that was only distributed to select stores, so they are hard to come by! You can also adjust the strap to wear it as a fanny pack, if that’s your thing.

Head over to my Insta now to enter!

PC: Emily Keeney Photography

PC: Emily Keeney Photography

Shoutout to Emily of Emily Keeney Photography for all of these images! If you’re in need of a creative talent, check her out! She was super patient with our insane, high-energy kids and I’m in love with all of our images. I can’t wait to show you more of our session in upcoming posts!


Thanks to all of you for all the love over the years. It means a lot to me in this crazy + weird + challenging + somehow fun virtual space and I’m throwing it right back at you! <3


tee | shorts | flip flops | hat

We did it. Another trip to Cali is in the books.

Fun? Yes. But I begin this post with ‘we did it,’ because.. holy crap.

1. We lived through the turbulence between Seattle and OC. The flight attendants weren’t allowed to leave their seats the entire trip and I don’t think I’ve ever loved, appreciated or wanted to keep my life more than when trapped inside a shaking metal tube in the sky. My anxiety accelerates thoughts of the Titanic and the impossibility of sinking. And speaking of ocean landings, both kids were, for NO reason, doodling sharks in their little notepads. Nope.

2. We just spent 9 days with the equivalent of two drunk roommates (but in the form of children). Most overused phrases on this trip include: “I caaaan’t walk anymore,” the very similar, “Hold me,” and my personal favorite, “What? What? What did you say? What?” Funny how kids have no idea what you’re saying when you’re giving instructions, but if sugar or fun is involved, you never have to repeat yourself.

3. If you have never traveled through an airport with little kids, you should make it a point to club your own face until you feel like passing out, then go run a triathlon in jeans and a sweatshirt. And don’t eat at any point during the process. Now you have a solid idea of what my Friday morning looked like.

Onto vacation!

Vacations with kids are so yin + yang. It’s so fun to watch their eyes light up when they see a sparkly swimming pool, match gazes with Mickey Mouse or watch fireworks explode over Cinderella’s castle, but it’s so draining to get them there.

The sibling fights.
The heat.
The mental fatigue of staying organized.
The aforementioned walking + carrying of the children.

5 days around Disney = 842 bathroom stops, 92 dizzying rides + 893,684 verbal denials of swords, stuffies, balloons and candy being requested by the kids.

All of that being said, it was so good. The best thing about spending a week+ of solid time with your kids is realizing how their personalities have grown in such a short time. Addison is almost 7. Since our last trip, she has gone from a Halloween loving, thrill-seeking, terror lover to a sweet girl that loves fun roller coasters and Eeyore, but covers her eyes going through parts of the Haunted Mansion. She was even pointing out misbehavior she noticed in other kids. It’s almost like she’s mellowed out and finally learned how humans act. 😉

Breckin is 4.5 and barely resembles his 3-year-old self. This trip will always be remembered as ‘the one where he didn’t need a life jacket anymore.’ He’s cruising right through these small milestones wiu ease. He is also tall and qualifies for almost every ride. He has gone from terrified of anything dark, loud or fast, to requesting the Haunted Mansion that his sister now hates so much. #lifestory Our rule is always to try something before you can love it or hate it. Hyperspace Mountain is a fast roller coaster in complete darkness and a tall, but tiny Breckin was terrified after trying it the first time. This trip he got on it scared and came off smiling ear-to-ear. He has also developed a love for girls and informed us he’s going to marry Minnie Mouse. Addison called him out on choosing Minnie over his original love (a girl from preschool), and he quickly reacted with, “I pick TWO!” It’s a fun, never dull, progression to watch.

I’d be sad if these were experiences we missed on trips we never took.

I’m currently eating no gluten + no dairy + very little sugar, but when I get back to normal food, you will see my own personal growth via churros and dole whips.

Outside of Disney, we ate our weight in delish breakfasts we didn’t have to cook ourselves + sought out some good Mexican food and even snuck in well-deserved beach + pool time.

Fred’s in Huntington Beach has a loud, fun atmosphere and their salsa is some of my favorite. Always good food there. 👌🏼 BJ’s in HB was our favorite dessert spot. The kids had fudge sundaes and I tasted this delicious creation Zac ordered. A skillet peanut butter cookie topped with Ghiradelli chocolate chunk ice cream. I need to stop writing about this now or I’m going to cheat on my diet.

Huntington Beach, Newport and Laguna are our 3 fave spots. HB is just a good area all-around. Newport has gooood shopping, clean eating restaurants and beaches that pelt you with sand when you’re there on the wrong, very windy day. Laguna is beautiful with good restaurants, but has limited parking and not a lot of shade if that’s your thing. We’re hoping to make it as far as Santa Monica next trip.

We got ambitious and, on top of beaches and Mickey, even hit the last Lakers game of the season. It started at 7:30p, so we had one very tired 4 year old by the end and one very enthused + disappointed 6 year old. Addison could care less about her own recreational basketball games, but when those purple jerseys miss a shot or two and lose the game, it’s a tearful and moody ride home. Notables here are: 1. We got free hats that made the kids look like safari tour guides. 2. Breckin would also like to marry each of the Laker Girls.

Overall, lots of fun times and new memories with my 3 favorite people. Here are some more fun times.

Hope you all had an equally as fun spring break!


Flamingo Purse | Kiss Tee

I love Valentine’s Day. No pun intended. A lot of people dismiss this “Hallmark” holiday, but I’m grateful for it. Any time we can take a break to remind those around us that they are loved is okay by me. We actually may need to start implementing Valentine’s Day twice a year. It sure wouldn’t hurt to feel a little more love!

I’ve rounded up all things Valentine’s Day for you and your daughter, too!

I love lace, polka dots, stripes and shiny details. Is there a better day for these things than February 14th? I don’t think so. Added bonus: it all won’t go out of style by February 15th. 😉

Plan to see these wedges everywhere, Valentine’s Day through summer. I love them in white and they are guaranteed to sell out!

Grabbing one this Amour tee is a must! This is new version – I just double checked and the one in my feed below is already sold out! Here’s the cute red version of it too.

Snag this peplum top on sale for $20 in ivory and pair it with some red denim or black denim with red pumps for V Day and you’re all set.

There are many more cute things below! Prettymuch everything you see here comes in multiple colors (most of it in black and pinks!), so click on any style you like, even if it’s not the color you’re looking for. I’m obsessing over all of it and I hope it all stays in stock for you guys! I’ve pulled together mostly steals, with necklaces starting at $2.95 and shoes around $20-$30! I’ve thrown in a few higher end pieces too, but nothing crazy. Here you go:


Women’s Accessories


Women’s Tops


Women’s Bottoms


Women’s Dresses + Jumpsuits


Women’s Shoes


Girl’s Accessories


Girl’s Clothing