2020. I See You, but Not with Perfect Vision.

Guess what?! I’m finally getting around to my first post of 2020. Also, it’s currently dumping snow outside, so life has come to full-blown halt. I’m pretty sure one has to do with the other.

I’ve kicked off this year completely out of my element. I thrive on familiarity, predictability and basically life unchanged. I setup house in ruts and that’s where I like to live. Living my best life always coexists with living at a slow, comfortable pace.

Exhibit A: We love traveling to Disneyland and hate money, so we almost always carry annual passes. We always stay at the same hotel so we can swim in the same pool, eat breakfast at the same restaurants and know our exact same route into the parks. For us it’s never boring, it’s just predictable. It’s easier. We don’t have to spend time getting lost or refiguring things out.

Enter 2020: The year of hard, unpredictable, unknown, brand new and, for the love, refiguring everything out!

My idea of “going out on a ledge” was finally pursuing my broker’s license, after a year of carefully researching + considering it. I enrolled in online courses and God responded with, “..hold my beer.” The next morning I wokeup to a positive pregnancy test. SO exciting, but what?!! I’m still unsuccessfully doing the math on that one..

If you’ve ever seen our two-car garage that’s been reduced to a now one-car garage, it probably comes as no surprise to you that we’ve outgrown our house. As a family of four, we’ve been busting at the seams since about 2017, but with no intention of moving. Homes in our area don’t come cheap and we’re lucky to live where we do.

Wellll, as I sit and cry tears of joy and pure stress into God’s beer, I begin to house hunt for a space that will double our mortgage, but hold a family of five. 

And I found it. I found the one. It was out-of-budget and beautiful. And the builder offered us enough seller credit back to make it attainable. Ok, God, I see you. Side note: real estate is one of the only things worth going into debt for, because it’s one of the only things that will appreciate and grow your $.

But is it morally wrong to overspend on a home? Well, with no other inventory and a baby that won’t wait on our timeline to watch for some, we went into contract. Guys, we bought a house!! Three times, actually!!

We fell out of contract twice over the holidays because nobody does work at that time, but a good set of eyes got us back on track and.. third time’s a charm! I think it just may actually be ours. Interiors are picked, I actually get to decorate a nursery and we should be in in April! Cue applause.

But let’s not forget about growing a human. Purchasing a brand new home pails in comparison to forming a brand new human. Especially when you’re living in my hyper-sensitive body. Picking out interiors and signing/discussing contracts have been accompanied by many puke sessions in the sprawling lawn outside the model home. #humility #watchyourstep

Guys, I’m here to tell you 2020 has been, and will continue to be, hard. But it holds a new daughter and a new space to make ours together. So, here you will find me: lost in the snow wearing a t-shirt and trying to wrap my uncomfortable brain around my really big life. This beanie may be the only thing holding my mind together right now. 🥂 Cheers to stress and discomfort. That’s where the growth happens. 


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