Oh Hey, 2019.


Happy New Year!

Another one down and it’s crazy how different they start to look with time, isn’t it?

In my 20’s, my New Year’s used to start off with a bang. A carefully curated outfit, slated goals, planned/established steps to reach them + a fun spot to hang were all on the agenda.

Enter my 31st birthday.

My birthday + Christmas both fall at the end of December and the only gift I wanted by this year of life was sleep or quality time with Netflix.

By my now 34th birthday, I continue along the same trajectory of stretchy pants, couch time + goals that don’t come as part of a pre-packaged plan. I’m comfortable + wingin’ it in 2019.  

We spent midnight playing games in the living room with family, to the background music created by the joyful chatters of our kids + cousins playing together in the basement.

My practice started late last year for making this the year of not stressing over things that don’t matter. Guys, I used to stay up late carefully curating those NYE outfits. Now you’ll find me peacefully asleep before 11pm in mismatched pajamas and 100% happy about it. 

On trend with stressing less about trivial stuff, the kids are also mostly dressing themselves. I know, I’m a little horrified too, but it’s fine. Mom helps pick out clothes for holidays, special occasions and cold days, but the rest is prettymuch free-reign. Dinners are even simple and repetitive around here these days and heyyyy, I’m one foot back into blogging again!

I spend a lot of time writing + formulating my posts across all platforms and I’m flattered when your eyeballs show up to read them.

So, where have I been?

It’s amazing how I decided to take a short break and a few months flew by! I have such a love + hate with social media.. 

If you read the post with my Thoughts on Social Media, you know I have strong convictions around the overuse + negative impacts of this growing beast. It’s a selfie nation out there and stress + anxiety are at an all-time high.. and I’ve been no exception. 

Have you ever tried to grow a social media following? It can be all consuming – especially when it’s not escalating as you feel it should. Enter daily stress, buzzing anxiety, the comparison game and the feeling of undervalue that can follow when there just aren’t enough people hitting ‘like’ or ‘follow.’ That’s a lot of mounting burden to feel over an artificial online space!

With all that said, it’s easy to forget why you started. I stopped enjoying it, so I stepped back from it.

In these months, I’ve done everything I always do, but with a little more joy and a lot less “stress” running in the background: keeping pace with kids at hip hop, karate, guitar, soccer or basketball + being room mom, regular mom, wife, cook, baker, decorator, part-time stylist, cleaner, grocery shopper, shiplapper (that’s a term I just made up for doing shiplap), etc.

Sometimes my head starts to feel a little like an unopened, but shaken up, can of pop. #adulting

If you’ve ever gone on an alcohol binge and then found yourself sick + wanting distance from the sight/smell of alcohol, or if you enjoy cooking when it’s optional, but not when you have a hangry family waiting on the meal.. social media can be kinda like that. More fun in moderation. More fun when it’s not mandatory.

I’m back + I’m doing it in moderation, and it’s for my own selfish creative reasons again. 😉

✔️New Year.

✔️Goals in progress.

✔️Let’s do it.

Thank you to Joe Katchka of Katch Moments Photography for the top image. Joe’s talents far surpass any other talent in Cali. Check him out!


Cheers to health, happiness + buckets of fun in 2019!


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