My New Year’s Goals | 2018

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Well, first off, you can probably guess what’s not on my list of New Year’s goals: promptness. Happy 15th day of January, everybody.

That aside, I debated whether to even come up with goals for 2018. Most of the time our ambitions to hit the gym + eat more green stuff end up in the garbage alongside our pizza boxes and broken dreams.

We are creatures of habit. I certainly am. More structure and less change make me a happy girl. Also, grilled cheese + tomato soup, but that’s for another day. I like to do what I know.

The natural progression after the holiday season is to climb back into our routines and find ourselves more productive. I think feeling productive is one of the great challenges of motherhood. We accomplish a whole-heck-of-a-lot in one day, the problem is that we usually don’t have more than unwashed hair and a dirty house to show for it. For me, this year is all about balance and growth. I’m ditching the productivity mindset that I can’t measure up to, because productivity is relative anyway.

Here are my 4 goals to make 2018 a good one, full of balance + growth:

Exercise. Oh snap. I just became the epitome of a goal-setting resolution-maker. Well, you won’t find any broken dreams here. 2016-2017 consisted of about 40 total minutes of cardio, so this is my year of moving. I’m going to take baby steps and set attainable goals, like 30 mins 3 days/week. It’s amazing how growing your physical strength can also build you up mentally. Also, I’d like to convince my heart that I’m not a 50 year old couch potato. I need to earn my quality time on the couch because you know I spend every Tuesday with the Pearson family.

Quality kid time. This one is about making a conscious effort to go out and make one-on-one time with each of my babies. I also need to find the energy to spend more time at their level playing. My first goal is bound to give me the energy to reach my second.

Do more things that scare me. I have a hard time stepping outside my comfort zone. This one is all about putting myself out there and I’m actually doing pretty well so far! I joined a church group this month that requires me to eat dinner with half a room full of strangers. #itsgettingserious Also, I was accepted by a modeling agency after I forced myself into a casting call on Friday afternoon. Scary things can pay off, so don’t hold back!┬áThere’s much more bravery on the horizon over the next 11.5 months + I can’t wait to see the growth because of my efforts.

Me time. This one is good and I’m probably the most excited about it. I finally began to get good at “me time” last year and I’m going to stay on trend by making sure there are lots of coffees/lunches/dinners with friends, lots of bubble baths, a few vacations, continued blogging and even regular massages. Also, good tv. I love nothing more than watching “This is Us” while crying into my bag of Doritos (as mentioned in my first goal) + yelling at the girls on “The Bachelor” from my couch. I told you this was a good one. You probably need this goal too.

There you have it! My goal setting is merely to be intentional about where my time goes and making space for the new stuff.

Quick shoutout to Joe of Katchmoments Photography for my photo. If you’re ever in Huntington Beach, pics with Joe are a must!


Cheers to better bodies, happy families, new friends, new ventures + all the good stuff we already know. Be nice. Love others. Happy 2018, friends!


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