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Welcome to the crazy.

Commence the season of good food, family time, travel, parties, activities, and shopping – it’s officially the holidays!

I started prepping early this year with family pictures + all shopping for kid gifts completed in October. We were also able fit in a family vacation to Disneyland last week. Why? Because, stress-reduction is a good thing. And perk: it was almost 60 degrees out for pics! Kids + cold weather don’t mix, so heck yes for that.

I won’t lie to you. 2016 sucked for us and 2017 is prettymuch keeping on trend. I won’t be sad to shut the calendar on this year + feel just a little less stress as we ease into that time.

I don’t mean the last two years have “sucked” as in we-wanted-to-own-a-Mercedes-and-had-to-settle-for-a-Toyota. I know people with a string of those problems though and I spend much less time with them. 🙂 I mean “sucked” like the burden-and-illness kind. It’s the kind of “suck” that’s incredibly out of our control and we just hunker down + wait for the really long storm to blow through. I wish this storm would just tear our roof off and then leave, ya know?

My pastor recently dove into the difference between happiness and joy.

Happiness is circumstantial, based on what happens, and JOY is fixed. Joy is a contentment experienced outside of what happens. It’s the recognition of a greater reality, even a reality in the midst of, well, “suck.”

I am choosing to cultivate a joyful heart and that comes from thanks. Thanksgiving yields joy.

Did you catch that? Thanksgiving yields joy.

Always let your “thank yous” outnumber your “pleases.” I could list off 20 things I’m thankful for right now, especially as I look around a broken world covered in problems that I don’t have.

So forget about the “Mercedes” in your life (whatever it is) + spend more energy being grateful all the places your “Toyota” (whatever it is) takes you. Joy is a state of mind.


Here are some more shots from our Christmas shoot with the amazing Amy of AMP Images! We had a blast shooting on her property in Cle Elum.

One thankful family, still dancing even when we can’t hear the music. Have a H̶a̶p̶p̶y̶Joyful Holiday Season!


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