Love Me Some Hair Extensions

Summer is coming.

If you want some long, full summer hair that you can just pop in and go, let’s talk HaloCouture.

I have worn extensions in everything from clip-ins to cornrowed wefts to tape-ins to beads to fusion. My favorite method is tape-ins because they are real human remy hair + damage-free + you get a lot of hair in a little time, but, they add all-around maintenance + get thrown away after 4-6 months. I love the Halo because you get all of that for a lower cost and you never have to sleep in it + spend an hour blowdrying + style repeatedly + throw it away. It’s a single weft that sits under your top layer of hair that’s held on by a clear string across the top of your bangs. Easy.

If you have ever wanted length or fullness in you hair without a commitment, say hello to a Halo.


What is it? A full head of hair all rolled into a single weft that’s held in place by a clear wire. It’s virtually undetectable + can be popped in and out of your hair in seconds. Watch how to wear it here.


How long will my hair be? I recommend not going longer than doubling the length you have now. I’m wearing a 22″ layered.

The original Halo (haircut required) comes in multiple lengths: 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″

The layered Halo (my all-time favorite + no haircut needed) comes in: 14″, 18″, 22″


Does it come in my color? Some colors are pretty spot on, while others will require having your stylist tone or add some lowlights to get that perfect match. If you need to color it, you will only have to do so once. Make sure your stylist uses deposit-only color. The halo is available in most of these COLORS.


How much does it cost? I highly recommend the layered halo so you don’t have to take it in to your stylist and pay for a haircut to have it shaped and layered. The layered Halo runs $430 for 14″, $480 for 18″, $580 for 22″.


How long does it take to receive my item? You will need to be color matched (by me or pick your color online) and once the hair is ordered, you will have it within 2 weeks. You can grab it from me directly or have it mailed to you.


Is a Halo better than fusion, beads and tape-in extensions? It’s not only less expensive up front, but it’s also a better value because, when well cared for, you get to keep it for life (or until you change your haircolor or your own hair grows out). There are so subsequent appointments needed after your color match as you should not need it cut, colored, applied, tightened or removed. Wear it all day and pop it out before your head hits the pillow. 🙂


You’re going to ♡ it.

*Sales are final. I will reach out for payment prior to placing your order.


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