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Fall finally showed up and it’s been all school drop-offs, pickups, a few hair extension clients and a blur of activities! And so begins the season of busyness and pre-funking for the holidays. Halloween is only weeks away and then it’s all turkey and tinsel. My brain is excited and running the opposite direction all at the same time. So, let’s just talk effortless outfits for now. 🙂

If you haven’t already jumped on the texture-mixing bandwagon (see fall pick #6), that’s ok. With these rainy Seattle days especially, I can appreciate a little simplicity. Black + gray are your best friends right now. They look good on everybody + never go out of season + are versatile and can be styled limitlessly. And not to forget, your new bold lips (see fall pick #4) will pop right off your calm colored canvas. Say that three times fast.

Whether shopping for basic staples or accessories outside of your norm, you cannot go wrong with these two colors. In my case, I’m not a hat person. Hats have never looked quite right on me, but I guess I have a will that won’t die. So, when stepping outside your comfort zone like me, 1. find a really good photographer 😉 and 2. grab that new piece in black or gray.

Why not white? White is also a basic neutral, but it can add pounds and, let’s face it, gets dirty quickly. I can throw on this gray dress and walk through a dust storm and you probably wouldn’t know the difference.


Hat: Old Navy

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Old Navy

Jewelry: SD Necklace + SD Bracelet



2fore pictures


2fore pictures

Fair weather fashion is now your friend. Happy puddle jumping!



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