California Love – Pt. 1

IMG_0351I was born and raised in Seattle, but my heart has always been a little California-shaped. Per my initial post, I mostly lack the ability to speak in completely sentences 😉, but my writing comes out presentable. So, let’s talk California!

A long year calls for a trip, so we rolled the kids out of bed at 6am and jetted off to what I call, “the best place on earth.” We made it through the flight with only one poop incident and we kept the kids mostly occupied with some cool activites. We have only been on a plane a few times as a family and we usually paint the perfect picture of parenthood at it’s worst. I’ll take any break to be caught. As soon as we landed we headed straight to Huntington Beach, or as I mentioned above, the best place on earth.  #CoffeeBeforeTalkie



Without ever having been to HB, I knew it would be the chocolate cake to my fat kid. And not just box mix chocolate cake, I’m talking the stuff your mom made from scratch with fudge oozing from the center. But, you know, with sand in it. It was so good, we spent 3 of our 6 days there.  Being from Seattle, I know what a cool pier looks like, but there’s something about palm trees + surfers that trumps rain + tourists. We spent time jumping in the ocean, building sandcastles, chasing our kids as they chased birds, watching a volleyball tournament, walking the pier, taking in the shops + restaurants and doing all things made of pure happy.



As it so happens, the best place on earth and the happiest place on earth sit in a juxtaposition of perfection. You already know where this is headed.. Disney. If you ever want to sweat off 7lbs in 3 days, you only have to pay $1,000 to go walk this park. We spent too much on small portions of non-nutritious food that didn’t taste good and on souvenirs that quickly broke + we waited in some very long lines with some very tired children. But, our kids walked away with big eyes and full hearts. You can’t put a price on that.


These are my top tips:
Fastpasses! Grab some on your top pick as soon as you get to the park.
The Cars ride is worth the wait (picture joy riding but without cops or insurance to worry about).
We stayed for the nightly “Paint the Night” parade two days in a row because it was that good + the song is one you won’t mind getting stuck in your head (♫ “When can we do this again” ♫).
Baby swap passes are available upon request when you have a rider that’s too small and it = even more fun for the bigger kids.
Utilize the app to check wait times in line.

We spent time with Buzz, Pluto, Lightning McQueen, Spiderman, Captain America and my daughter’s favorites: Chewbacca & Darth.



Really, what 5 year old’s life is complete without having swung a light saber to ward off evil forces? We got her name on a wait list to become a Jedi and she was the very last name called for the day. We barely squeaked in and she’ll never forget it.


If you or anyone you know can tell me how they operate those cars that drive around Radiator Springs, it would solve one of the world’s mysteries for me.


Disney is always a win, and I know we will do it again and again. Next up: Coronado Island.


to be continued..


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